time and date ⇒ 20:00, 14.03.2020
Location ⇒ online: BSD Armenia YouTube Channel Live Due to YouTube's 24H verification policy
Location ⇒ online: Ցանցառներ Ռադիօ
RSVPArmenia BSD User Group Meetup #1 | Not needed anymore!


!Update regarding COVID-19!

Dear attendees, due to the situation of COVID-19 in Armenia, the meetup will NOT not be held at ISTC. However, it WILL be happening online. Time, date and online link above! and please, stay safe :-)

Talk #0: Welcome to Armenia BUG!

Just an intro to our newly formed BUG :)

Talk #1: BSD around the world

As this is the first meetup around BSD Unix, we will get introduced to the BSD Unix Operating System family, where did they come from, where are they now, and how you can get them!

Talk #2: Self-hosted password manager

We all hate passwords, don't we? In the modern age everyone wants to use a password manager, but it's so hard to choose one! During this talk we will show you how to host your on password manager using pass(1), git(1) and gpg, and how to sync your devices using SSH or HTTP.